About Us


Argentbio was founded in 1996 by a group of Young entrepreneurs that believed in the natural potential of Argentina to offer organic products worldwide and decided to change their lives and dedicate themselves to the passion of producing and to commercializing natural, healthy and sustainable foods.

Argentbio grew and developed jointly with the Argentine organic market, to became a leader producer, packer and exporter. Today, our “dreamed company” is a key and well-known player in the worldwide organic export market.

Vision / Commitment.

We want to be reorganized as a reliable supplier of organic fresh produce, sugar and its by-products. We are committed to protect our environment and its resources by practicing a sustainable agriculture in order to overall improve the quality life of our customers, employees and the community.
The passion, commitment and responsibility of the men and women who work at Argentbio, are the foundations and the reason for our success.


At Argentbio, we grow and commercialize agricultural products using organic, sustainable farming practices to export safe and healthy food choices satisfying the most demanding markets around the globe.


Our farms are located at Uco’s Valley (Province of Mendoza) on the feet of the Andes. The water flowing down the mountains, the sun and the fresh air are the natural resources that have helped Mendoza to become the perfect place organic production.
Argentbio’s main establishment, “Finca el Olmo”, is exclusively dedicated to the production of organic fruits and vegetables, and the processing and packing of all the produce for export. We process and pack our produce in our own facilities to guarantee their quality and maintain a log-term commitment whit customers.
Argentbio has gained a large international logistic experience after reaching a volume of 800 containers annually. Our agreements with the major marine freight forwarders, grant not only the most competitive tariffs but also enough cargo space for our shipments.