Fresh Products

White and Red Garlic

Our productive process led by a qualified management, jointly with our unbeatable geographical conditions, makes possible a supreme organic garlic production, which has been our flagship product since our start up. Today the Argentbio´s garlic is recognized as one of the best in the market.


Butternut and Red Hokkaido Squash

Argentbio has pioneered the organic squash production to supply European customers. Today our main varieties are Butternut for the British market, and Red Hokkaido, which is intended for the continental European markets.

Organic Onions

The excellent thermal amplitude, low rains and ambient humidity added to a light soil, are the perfect factors for the production of onion and Shallots.
Intense colors, firm and dry skin are outstanding quality of our products.



Argentbio is one of the few producers of Shallots in Argentina and the only one in 100% organic conditions.


Argentbio produces excellent carrots, with the use of machinery of presicion and the selection of varieties specially selected like Nayarit Variety obtains a crop with high potential of yield. Its roots are cylindrical, very uniform and heavy. Very rustic variety with strong foliage and high alternating resistance.
It presents a very good post-harvest in the field and high quality after washing. Material suitable for harvesting all year, especially in spring and summer for its great rusticida.


Granny Smith

Vigorous tree, coming early into production. The fruit is bright green, it can vary to greenish yellow, in favourable zones the colour turns to blushed in one face. It´s conical to round very regular and very homogenous. The flesh is firm white and green, very crispy and juicy. The flavor is nice very tendant to acid and aromatic.

Organic Beet

BORO Variety very productive, uniform harvest and high yield potential. Round, smooth bulbs with excellent external and internal color. Can be used for fresh market or industry.


Red potatoe , Asterix variety

Country of origin: Holland, characteristics: Large oval tubercle, red skin, yellow flesh, surface eyes, high yield, semi-ripe maturity, fairly resistant to mechanical damage. Culinary quality: Good content of dry matter, good for cooking and potato chips. Good quality of conservation.